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Coaching Directors:
Executive Director of Coaching  Tommy Howe E-mail
Board of Directors:
President  Kevin Howe E-mail
Vice President  Jerry Howe E-mail
Chief Counsel  Brian Howe E-mail
Operational Director  Mark Goldstein E-mail
Community Outreach  Joe Howe E-mail
Officer  Rich Howe E-mail
Registrar  Pat Howe E-mail
U8 Girls - Stevens Jeff Stevens E-mail
U8 Boys - McKeon Matt McKeon E-mail
U9 Girls - McPherson Jim McPherson E-mail
U9 Girls - Trimble Josh Trimble E-mail
U9 Boys - Hennessy Brian Hennessy E-mail
U9 Boys - Howe Joe Howe E-mail
U9 Boys - McLaughlin Dan McLaughlin E-mail
U9 Boys - Prsha George Prsha E-mail
U10 Girls - Begley Ed Begley E-mail
U10 Girls - Kaminski Ted Kaminski E-mail
U10 Girls - O'Leary Kevin O'Leary E-mail
U10 Boys - Gober Matt Gober E-mail
U10 Boys - Harvatin Scott Harvatin E-mail
U10 Boys - O'Leary Kevin O'Leary E-mail
U11 Boys - Hopping Chris Hopping E-mail
U11 Boys - O'Leary Kevin O'Leary E-mail
U12 Girls - Baker Steve Baker E-mail
U12 Girls - Brown Jeff Brown E-mail
U12 Girls - Heck Scott Heck E-mail
U12 Boys - Buss Scott Buss E-mail
U13 Girls Scott Marty E-mail
U13 Boys - Pardo Greg Pardo E-mail
U13 Boys - Gober Matt Gober E-mail
U 14 Girls Tom Pardo E-mail
U14 Boys - McMahon Ford  Bill Hency E-mail
U15 Boys Tommy Howe E-mail
Team Managers:
U11 Boys - Harvatin Nicholle Leigh E-mail
U12 Boys - Mann Joe Karolczak E-mail
U12 Boys - Hopping Dennis Timme E-mail
U13 Boys - Buss Jennifer Buss E-mail
U14 Boys - Pardo Jeff Petruso E-mail
U13 Girls - Marty Jennifer Tucker E-mail
U14 Boys - Gober Kara Lacke E-mail
U10 Girls - Kaminski Ted Kaminski E-mail
U14 Girls - Pardo Missy Pardo E-mail
U15 Boys - McMahon Ford  Scott Totty E-mail
U16 Boys - Howe Tim McAllister
Tammy McAllister
Marketing Coordinator  Pat Howe E-mail