Girls Teams for 2015-16

07-08 Girls – McNutt

U8 Girls

COMING FALL 2015! U8 Girls’ ID Sessions/Training will be held on the following Mondays: May 4, 11, 18 & June 1, 8 from 6-7pm @ Fenton Park Field #1 (No Charge!). Contact Kevin McNutt about this team and plans for next year.

Contact: Kevin McNutt

05-06 Girls – Lady Gunners

U10 Girls

This is a group of experienced, select players coached by a non-parent, club coach, Bill McLaurine.  With the upcoming implementation of the USSF mandates, we will be looking for experienced 05/06 club players to add to the team and this age group for the Fall. Please call Bill directly to discuss our plans for the 05/06 group in more detail and kick-around opportunities.

Contact: Bill McLaurine

05-06 Girls – Stevens

U10 Girls

Jeff Stevens coaches Sporting’s 05-06 Girls – Stevens team. They will play in the Premier Division this fall in SLYSA and some tournaments. For information on kick-arounds and on the team’s plans for the upcoming season, contact Jeff Stevens.

Contact: Jeff Stevens

04-05 Girls – McPherson

U11 Girls

Sporting St. Louis’s 04-05 Girls – McPherson is looking for 3-5 players to grow with our team as we transition to 11 v 11 over the next season. We have played in the top SLYSA division every year, and we are looking for defenders, midfielders. and forwards who have a good technical foundation and have already played at a competitive level. If you are interested in checking out our team or coming to a kick-around please contact Jim McPherson. He would be happy to answer any questions about his approach to coaching, training sessions, and the team overall.

Contact: Jim McPherson

03-04 Girls – Kaminski

U12 Girls

Ted Kaminski will coach a U12 Girls’ team (players that are currently U11) for Sporting St. Louis during the 2015-16 season. Ted will coach a top level Premier Division team and is looking to add 3-4 players to make an immediate impact next fall, transitioning from 8v8 to 11v11 in the U12 age group. If interested in playing for this team or learning more about training, the players, and coach, please contact Ted Kaminski.

Contact: Ted Kaminski

03-04 Girls – O’Leary

U12 Girls

Sporting St. Louis’s 03-04 Girls – O’Leary are coached by club coach, Kevin O’Leary. The team looks to add several committed players to transition into the 11v11 format for the upcoming season in SLYSA. Contact team manager, Kris Goldstein, for information about the team, plans for next year, and kick-around opportunities.

Contact: Kris Goldstein

01-02 Girls – Prior

U14 Girls

Sporting’s 01/02 Girls – Prior is looking for quality, committed players for the upcoming season. Contact Joel H. Prior for more details and kick-around information.

Contact: Joel Prior

00-01 Girls – United

U15 Girls

Sporting St. Louis’s United (00/01 Girls) has openings for a few quality, committed players to round out its team. Interested players should contact Brian Landry.

Contact: Brian Landry

99-00 Girls – Kayser

U16 Girls

Interested players for Fall 2015  Season for Sporting’s 99-00 Girls – Kayser should contact Rob Kayser for more information.

Contact: Rob Kayser

99-00 Girls – Limpert

U16 Girls

Interested players for Fall 2015 should contact Jason Limpert about joining the team, plans for fall, and opportunities for kick-arounds or tryouts.

Contact: Jason Limpert

99-00 Girls – Stars

U16 Girls

Sporting St. Louis – Stars are looking for 2 or 3 skilled players to join their existing team. This team will practice primarily in Valley Park on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Interested players for Fall 2015 should contact Keith Walsh about the upcoming season.

Contact: Keith Walsh