Sporting Club Network FAQ’s


What is the Sporting Club Network?

The Sporting Club Network (SCN) is a free affiliation program aiming to create a closer tie between Major League Soccer franchise, Sporting Kansas City and the local youth soccer community. Together, we are working to provide our youth soccer participants and families with exclusive opportunities to help grow the game of soccer in Kansas City. Through this partnership, you will have exclusive access to opportunities and events. ↑ Back


What is the difference between the Sporting Club Network and the Academy Affiliate?

The Sporting Club Network is the general partnership program for all youth soccer clubs, regardless of size, level, or location. The Sporting KC Academy Affiliate program is a higher level partnership that provides Affiliate members with a closer connection to Sporting Kansas City technical staff and academy teams along with greater benefits. Academy Affiliates are considered feeder clubs to the SKC Academy program, where players are developed with the ultimate goal creating future professional Sporting KC players. All Academy Affiliates receive the same benefits of SCN members, but not vice versa. ↑ Back

How does a person become a member of the Sporting Club Network?

Membership in the Sporting Club Network is only available to clubs as a whole. It is a commitment of an entire club. Individual teams or families are not eligible for SCN membership, but may still become a member of Sporting Club by visiting JoinSporting.com to participate.

For clubs interested in becoming a member of the Network, please contact Betsy Pollard at bpollard@SportingKC.com↑ Back

How did I become a member of the Sporting Club Network?

Your soccer organization recently agreed to a formal partnership with Sporting Club, the parent company of Sporting Kansas City to provide members like you with complimentary opportunities to enhance your membership. All members of your club – including parents, players, coaches, administrators, and volunteers – are all considered members of the Sporting Club Network and are able to participate in events. ↑ Back

How can I participate in Network events?

All members will receive an email from Sporting Club, with directions on how to activate your Network membership. Once you have completed your Sporting Club membership profile, you will have access to all Network events. From there, participation is easy – just email SCN@SportingKC.com to RSVP for any Sporting Club Network event.

If you have not received an email from Sporting Club or do not have a membership profile, and you would like to, please contact Kristin Bock at kbock@SportingKC.com ↑ Back

I received the email from Sporting Club. Do I have to complete my membership profile in order to participate in Network events?’

While a Sporting Club membership profile it is not required to participate, it’s highly encouraged. All Network updates will be made via the membership site, where you will be notified directly. SCN members are welcome to visit the Network calendar posted on the Sporting kc.com website to RSVP, and not create a membership profile. Eventually all SCN reservations will be made exclusively through membership profiles, and thus required for participation.

To see a full list of events and dates, please visit www.SportingKC.com/members/scn-calendar    ↑ Back

Is it necessary to RVSP for events?

Yes. All Sporting Club Network events have attendance caps to guarantee the quality. These events are first come, first served. To ensure your participation, you must RSVP. Please email SCN@SportingKC.com to reserve your spot today.   ↑ Back

If I’m already a member of the Sporting Club Network, then why do I also need to be a member of Sporting Club too?

While the Sporting Club Network is different from Sporting Club Membership, they are both connected. Think of the Network being an elevated level of Sporting Club membership – with added benefits and distinction. As SCN members you have all benefits of regular Sporting Club membership but with extra, soccer-specific opportunities only available to SCN members.

If you already have a Sporting Club membership profile, please contact support@sportingmembership.com to make sure your account is updated as a Sporting Club Network member too. That way, you won’t miss out on any special Network opportunities.  ↑ Back

How much does the Sporting Club Network membership cost?

The Sporting Club Network is free to all clubs and its members. Most SCN events do not carry any cost to participants. Members participating in activities scheduled at a Sporting KC game will be responsible for purchasing their game ticket (no required section or price). Those participating in the License to Coach Program will only be responsible for the associated cost for certification with the national governing body.  ↑ Back

Does it cost anything to make my Sporting Club membership profile?

No. Sporting Club membership is free to everyone, regardless of Network affiliation. ↑ Back

How much communication will I receive because of my Sporting Club membership profile?

Our members are important to us, so it’s crucial that we don’t overload your inbox. You will only receive necessary information regarding the SCN updates or exclusive member offers. At most, you will receive one email a week but often times only 1-2 per month.

If any reason you are unsatisfied with the amount of communication you receive, please contact us at support@sportingmembership.com  ↑ Back

What if I do not want to participate in the Sporting Club Network?

No one is required to participate in the Network. Membership in the Network does not require you to purchase any SKC tickets, merchandise or participate in any events. The Network was created to provide opportunities for local clubs without costing their members. If you change your mind, you are welcome to participate at any time. If you would like to participate in an event, RSVP to scn@SportingKC.com.  ↑ Back

I have changed my mind and do not want a membership profile. Can I delete it?

Yes, members can delete their Sporting Club membership profile at any time. Since a majority of the communication about the Network and scheduled events will be made through the membership site, we suggest you proceed with finalizing your profile and then adjust the level of communication received from Sporting KC and our partners. You can choose to receive no communication and still retain an active profile.

If you absolutely do not want a Sporting Club membership profile, then you may opt out by using the link included in the email. Keep in mind that cancelling your profile will prevent your eligibility for free game tickets, rewards points and partner offers. Any questions regarding your actual membership profile can be directed to support@sportingmembership.com.   ↑ Back

How do I get discounted tickets?
Sporting Club Network members have the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets to every Sporting Kansas City home game. For individuals, families, or groups smaller than 20 people, use the ticket link on your club’s website. This link will direct you to TicketMaster where you will be instructed to use your club’s specific code. Please use the code “SCN” to access these discounts.

If you are organizing a group of 20 people or more, please contact your club representative to receive greater ticket discounts.  ↑ Back

Who is my SKC ticket rep?
Each youth soccer club has its own Sporting KC ticket representative. This person will be your main point of contact for all your ticketing needs. Their contact information should be posted on your club website. If for some reason you cannot find their information, please contact us at 888-4KC-GOAL and ask for your representative using your club name.  ↑ Back

I have a question about the Sporting Club Network. Who can I contact?
Questions regarding the Sporting Club Network can be sent to SCN@SportingKC.com.  ↑ Back