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Sporting St. Louis is dedicated to keeping elite soccer affordable. We can only accomplish that through the generosity of our sponsors. Please give them your support.

Ultimately, we want to instruct any and all kids with the ability and determination necessary to play soccer at the highest level, with no consideration of financial means. We will continue to strive to serve every kid. The generous organizations below help us defray the costs of our program. So, please, next time you are searching for a new service or a new product, check here. Support the wonderful organizations that support us.

Melander Sports Medicine

As a Sports Medicine Specialist, Dr. Melander has cutting-edge expertise with ACL reconstruction, rotator cuff and labral tears of the shoulder, cartilage restoration, and hip arthroscopy. As an endurance athlete himself, he understands how important it is to get you back to your routine.


A proud sponsor of Sporting St. Louis

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